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Riverwood National Golf Course
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The 2016 Sam Harber CRPS Golf Tourney was a tremendous success!  We would like to extend a very special thank you to our Elite and Platinum Sponsors - Regency Home HealthCare, QBE NAU, DIGI, PeopleNet Communications, and Quantum Merchant Services.  There are so many others to thank for the success of our event! Our participants, our sponsors, our donors, our loved ones that could not make it but said a lot of prayers for success, The Common Man, Riverwood NATIONAL, our volunteers, our dinner guests and of course Stephanie Johnson for her determination and dedication to bring awareness to CRPS!  Because of you, we have made a study possible that is on the verge of the first ever medication to treat CRPS. Because of you, many individuals have been able to have appropriate evaluation by specialists that they never would have access to. Because of you, individuals that are unable to work due to this horrible disease have not had their power shut off and have avoided eviction. Because of you there is hope!


To date the CRPS Sam Harber Golf Tourney has raised nearly $50,000 for CRPS research as well as for the Brad Jenkins Fund for families who are unable to afford appropriate treatment.  None of your contributions have gone towards administrative costs – 100% of the funds raised have been presented to the National RSDSA Foundation and will be divided equally, per Sam's request, between CRPS research and The Brad Jenkins fund to help those in greatest need of medical intervention. Without each and every one of you that contributed to this event we would not have been able to reach yet far exceed all our goals to help those with CRPS.  With your help we have been able to raise awareness for this rare and debilitating disease.  All together we have brought noise to the silent suffering that CRPS causes.  We cannot thank everyone enough for your contributions, your generosity is incomprehensible.

Samantha Harber

As a result of surgery for a torn ACL, in August of 2012, now 19-year-old Samantha was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), also known as reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome.  CRPS is a chronic pain condition in which her nervous system is hypersensitive and nerves misfire sending pain signals resulting in constant burning, stabbing pain, convulsions as well as joint, skin and circulatory complications. This disease is on the National Organization of Rare Disorders and why it is so important to raise awareness. Sam has been through more in the last four years then most of us and has had to endure in a lifetime.  She has great strength, courage and a passion to make a difference in the lives of those that struggle with CRPS.  Sam recently finished her freshman year at the University of St. Thomas and is studying Biochemistry.  Sam has had one of her best and most successful years since being diagnosed with CRPS.

There is no cure for CRPS

Sam has sought treatment from some of the top doctors at the University of Minnesota, Rochester Mayo, Boston Children's, MAPS Pain Clinic and most recently Park Nicollet.  She has had sympathetic nerve blocks, taken a multitude of medications, several surgeries, participated in a 3-week pain rehab program at Mayo, multiple hospitalizations, acupuncture, ongoing physical therapy, and placement of a spinal cord stimulator at the end of June 2014 to aid in pain reduction.  Sam continues to have complications resulting from surgery in July 2015.  Recently Sam sought out alternative methods to treat CRPS.  She started Medical Marijuana in September of 2016 and has found great relief with joint pain as well as neurologic pain.  Sam is preparing to have a surgery in May 2017 in order to help with complications that arose from her previous surgery in July of 2015.


Golf Tournament

For Samantha Harber Fund

Cost is $80 per golfer

Includes 18 holes of golf, cart and food.

Single - $80
Twosome - $160
Threesome - $240
Foursome - $320

# of Players

Dinner/Silent Auction Only

Cost is $30 per golfer

Dinner/Silent Auction Only

Dinner and auction starts at 5:00


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